Hit With More Power… In Less Than 1 Hour!

Ex-Yankee Consultant Reveals Simple, Proven System 27 Years in the Making

You CAN consistently hit with effortless power... if you know how to train for it. I guarantee you'll breakthrough to a new level of hitting.

How would you like to actually hit in games with the freedom and confidence you do in your best moments of BP?

Imagine consistently stepping up to the plate energized but totally relaxed, certain something good is about to happen — even if you struck out your last time up!?

Yes, it is possible to quickly and easily let go of the frustration, anger, fear and doubt that come with the un-avoidable failure in hitting.

And yes, you can relax and have fun in pressure game situations and when scouts are watching — instead of choking away your baseball dream and all your hours of training.

“I know you can do this because I’ve studied it, coached it, and seen it. And I’ll guarantee my program, Effortless Power Hitting, can do this for you.


You’re Suffering Needlessly…

* Players: Are you tired of hitting great in BP but choking in games? Do you wanna pull your hair out sometimes because you know you should be hitting at least 50 points higher?

* Parents: Are you spending hundreds of dollars on hitting lessons but not seeing results you know you should, even though you like your hitting coach and your son is working hard?

* Coaches: Are you frustrated because your players train hard but then can’t “let go” and trust themselves in a game and as a result pop up and roll over balls they should square up?


Is Failure an Option for You?

If you don’t solve the effortless power hitting “puzzle” soon, time will run out on your career and believe me, you don’t want what happened to me to happen to you…

Here’s WHY You’re Hitting Worse Than You Should Be

First, watch this short video, Lesson 4 from my breakthrough program Effortless Power Hitting, and I’ll tell you exactly WHY you, and about 98% of all hitters, are failing much more than they need to:


My Effortless Power Hitting program gives you an immediate, proven, step-by-step system for learning to hit the way you do in your dreams. It gives you on-the-field drills that specifically train you to hit with effortless power.

Think about it: in those rare moments when you actually do hit great, does it feel hard? Does it feel like a struggle? Does it seem like you have to muscle-up?

Or does it feel… perhaps… effortless? Is that something you’re training for now?

Most Hitters Train for _________, Not Power

Like every hitter, you want more of those divine moments when you hit the ball so cleanly you don’t even feel it hit your bat.

So what do you do? You go and work hard on your swing. You go learn more details of your swing. You try hard to become a better hitter…


Remember, you get what you train for! If you practice the way 99% of hitters practice, you’re training yourself to hit with FORCE, not true POWER.

FORCE = Effort (Muscle up, try hard) POWER = Effortless (free up, let it flow)

How to Avoid Failing Like I Did

Now, I hinted earlier that I fell far short of my hitting potential.

I trained hard and smart the winter of my senior year of high school and totally mashed that summer in Legion ball.

I was great in High School, including the 3rd best average in my Legion program’s history and 10 bombs … but in college I lost my “effortless power” swag and .150 points on my average. So I went on a quest to find the secrets that would save others from my fate. The answers are in EPH.

But in college I struggled. I lost my “effortless power” swag and never got it back. I didn’t embarrass myself, but I never once really felt like myself my whole college career. I was average at best.

For the rest of my life I know I cheated myself out of a lot of hits, fun, contributions to my team, and my shot at pro ball.

Would you like to be disappointed in YOUR career?

Why did I fail as a hitter in college? It wasn’t my mechanics… it was my THINKING! It was my approach to hitting. I’d tapped into my true power in high school, but it turns out I didn’t know how I did it.

I’d cracked the code but it turned out to be by ACCIDENT!

Hank Aaron himself told me: “Most hitters have no idea what makes them good or not good!”

I’d lost the “magic” — and had no idea how to recapture it. My hitting days came to and end with my head shaking in disappointment.

My Quest for Answers to Effortless Power

So I went on a mission to find answers. I needed some peace of mind and wanted to help others avoid my fate. It’s been a 27-year learning adventure that has led to your reading this right now…

First, I became the hitting coach at the University of Virginia for 3 seasons. I spent tons of hours in the cage working with very good, very smart hitters.

Our conversations and experiments gave me a few pieces to the puzzle.

Then I took classes from the best sport psychology expert I could find, Dr. Bob Rotella, famous for his work with PGA players. I paid tens of thousands of dollars (spread over many years — it took me awhile to re-pay my loans) to pick his brain and those of the other top mental game coaches during the sport psychology camps I ran each summer at UVA.

These years and lots of $$$$$ gave me more pieces to the puzzle.

“Hank Aaron, Stan Musial and Pete Rose Each Told Me…”

I knew the best way to learn is to study and model people who are already getting great results, so my Ph.D. research involved interviewing, in-person, some of the greatest hitters in the history of baseball.

I sat with the likes of Hank Aaron, Rod Carew, Stan Musial, Pete Rose, Carl Yastrzemski, Kirby Puckett and many current stars and probed their minds to unprecedented detail:

“This is the most important part about hitting,” Aaron told me, “and no one has ever asked me about it before.”

Between Rose, Aaron, Musial and Yaz I interviewed 4 of the top 6 hit-getters of ALL TIME (Ty Cobb and Tris Speaker are still unavailable).

I was fascinated to discover that the top two All-Time Total Bases Leaders (Aaron and Musial: 12,990 total bases combined) used essentially the same approach as the All-Time Hit King (Rose: 4,256 hits).

My research report has such rare, valuable hitting information a copy of it is a permanent part of the National Baseball Hall of Fame Library in Cooperstown, NY.

My Search for Hitting’s Holy Grail Continues…

My quest for effortless power continued as I went on to …

  • Write Heads-up Baseball: Playing the Game One Pitch at a Time with Dr. Ken Ravizza; Collegiate Baseball (and scores of players and coaches) call it “the bible for developing mental toughness in baseball;” Over 75,000 copies sold;
  • Head Coach a D3 college team for 7 years in New York while also becoming a tenured professor of sport psychology;
  • Serve as Mental Game Coach for the Texas Rangers, 1999-2000
  • Full-time mental conditioning coach for the New York Yankees, 2001
  • Author the best-selling PLAY BIG: Mental Toughness Secrets that Take Baseball Players to the Next Level, Confidence Training: 9 Lessons for Baseball Mental Toughness, and the PLAY BIG Baseball Profile that measures your mental game as well as a radar gun measures velocity.

It Doesn’t Matter What Your Coach Knows!

After literally decades of research, testing and coaching, I know a lot about hitting.

But it doesn’t matter to YOU what I or any coach knows… he’s useless to you if he can’t teach YOU to hit great in a game.

This is HUGE: There’s an art and a science to helping a hitter learn to hit, and, to be candid, very few coaches are trained in how to get you to learn.

They may know what you SHOULD do, but getting you to actually do it in a game is a whole different science!

Your hitting coach must be great at getting hitting from his head into your body.

Unfortunately, most coaches, through no fault of their own, are trained in what they want you to do in your swing, not how to get you to do it. As a result they ultimately have the coaching conversation backwards (Lesson 5 in EPH solves this in just a couple of minutes).

So a MAJOR part of my quest for effortless power in hitting was spending years studying revolutionary, scientifically tested ways to improve the speed and ease with which players could improve their hitting.

My Secret Experiments

All these time I was quietly working with hitters on college fields and out-of-the-way, back ally cages, applying what I’d learned from my teachers, the all-time greats, Major Leaguers, science, and young, raw hitters, fine tuning the Effortless Power Hitting principles, drills and teaching technology.

Finally, at the urging of players, coaches and parents, after 27 years of research and practice, I’ve released them in one program available for a limited to to the general baseball public.

Coaches (and parents who played), you’ll wish you would have had this program when you played. I myself could have avoided a lot of failure and frustration, and maybe had a real shot at pro ball.

Effortless Power Hitting has only been available to a test group, but it’s already saving at-bats, frustrations, seasons, even careers…

“EPH: Next Day … Best Hitting Session Ever”

“Shea went thru the EPH program and went 1 for 2 with a walk in the first game! His hit drove in the only run we scored! We had hitting practice that night nd he crushed the ball, best hitting session ever! Since we got the program his average is up 50 points and he's leading the team in RBI's from the lead off position. We're having a magical summer together thanks to EPH. Thanks!” Kevin Kenneally, dad/coach


“Finally, a Way to Get that Special Feeling I Crave Every Day”

I finally got a chance to put EPH into action this weekend. I absolutely loved it. I have never felt such a connection between my mind and body before. I was able to pinpoint the tension in my body before every AB to get myself to a 2 or 3.
I was 1 for 3 on the day and my hit was ripped up the middle passed the pitcher.
It felt effortless coming off the wood bat. That special feeling I crave everyday. I’m excited for the upcoming weeks… I just know this is going to take off! I would say that one of my favorite pregame drills in the program is going through my [XXX] .

Benjamin Pelham, Transylvania University


“Other Parents Notice Our Son’s Confidence and Ask Me to Speak to Their Players”

“The tapping and thumping videos are great and have been effective. My son used them at his Memorial Day tournament and he had a great experience. He pitched a shut out game and played super focused defensively at shortstop and batted well. His team was the runner up in the tournament.
We shared some of your stuff with some of the other players who were struggling.Other parents see the effects of your work and ask me to speak with their players.
Christian is looking forward to the summer and the opportunity to practice regularly all of your systems and come up with systems specific for himself. He likes and has been using the XXX Drill.
We are very happy with your EPH program.
Tami Demby, mom
“Son Excited for Summer Ball… Instead of Quitting in Frustration”

“I am getting good results with your program with James. Wish I could say he is hitting over the fence, however his hitting is improving.

“James plays Junior Baseball, finishing up eighth grade. We had been working on the mechanics heavily and had batting practice but through first couple of games, James was way out in front or way late swinging. Following your instructions, I read your PBB book and then started with your drills from online. After the drills, first thing I saw where sharp foul balls. The first game afterwards, he got a hit with the bases loaded. That kept the inning rolling along (tall 1st base, batting sixth). That was a good confidence builder. After that two weaker at bats.

The next game, first time up, more sharp foul balls. I knew you program was paying off, when James had another bases loaded situation and he got a base hit between short and third (bats left). James said that he was thinking he was going to see a curve ball and when he saw the rotation was different, he knew it was a curve ball. He had a walk and an RBI ground out to second last time up.

I know the hits will come, I have seen his BP swing just pop the ball. It was your confidence building technique that should allow him to enjoy playing first base in the summertime, rather than giving up baseball in frustration.


Doug Haverkamp, dad


“Dramatically Improves Focus… Batting .500 … Confidence Skyrockets”

Dr. Tom,

“Thanks for the program. My son and I have had the opportunity to watch the videos and put the drills into practice. What I really like about the program / drills is that it makes the hitter assess his performance rather than it coming from the coach. Self-awareness of what is going on and being able to correct it is a valuable tool and confidence builder. My son Garrett really likes the XXX Drill and the XXX Drill, especially the advanced version.

“Both of these drills have improved his focus immensely. With improved focus and confidence in his last two games he is batting .500. The last game he faced the hardest throwing kid in the league and went two for three and you could see his confidence skyrocket.

Thanks a lot from his coach and his dad.”

Rodney Warren and Garrett Warren (10 years old)

“Awesome, Instant Results from Just a Couple Drills… So Simple a 10 Year Old Girl Can Do It”

Dr. Tom:

“I have used and seen some instant results just trying some of your drills during batting practice before our game.

“I coach a Rec team that like most, has a wide range of skills, from never played before to travel ball players. I quickly (a little faster than I would have liked) ran through a few of your drills with most of my girls. Two of them, one new the other a travel ball pitcher who has been struggling with hitting, had some instant results. I knew both had issues watching the ball, but the Pitch Hit drill seemed to work for both girls.

“It was awesome my new girl got a hit, because we were playing the best team in our league, but my pitcher, who also plays travel ball, has been struggling for a while. Her mechanics are good and she swings hard, but I couldn’t find a way to get her to see the ball all the way to the bat. That simple drill which I did for 5 minutes right before the game, worked for her, she made contact every time she was up that night.

“We have one more Rec tournament and then All Stars. I plan to use all your drills with all the girls and will let you know how it turns out.


Jamie Bohn, coach

“Incredible… in 1 Day I was Easily Stroking the Ball to All Fields”

“I just wanted to let you know that I got your Effortless Power Hitting program yesterday. I took the approach for an effortless swing into my hitting today and played around with it until I found my number. My number was around a 3 to a 5.
“When I started swinging in that range, my bp felt great. My swing felt a lot more controlled, and I stayed on the ball and easily stroked it to all fields. I haven’t finished the program, but I love it already. I think it is going to be incredibly successful.

Brady McNab, player


“I’m Thrilled… and Could Cry for My Daughter”

“Let me tell you I am absolutely thrilled with this program. I bought it an hour ago for my 3 daughters who all play competitive softball. Even before I show it to them and we begin the drills I am convinced this is going to be a radical difference.
“I have watched many, but not all the videos yet and when I saw EPH-8 “Typical Hitting Lesson” my jaw just dropped! That is exactly how it has been for the last 11 years! My poor daughter, the batting cage champion, I am so, so sorry!!!
“I could cry right now as I am feeling the years of frustration she has been through and also because I am so thrilled anticipating how this new program to help her out of that funk. More feedback later but just wanted to thank you for making your program available.”
Peter Langer, father


What’s in the Effortless Power Hitting Program?

I can’t resist giving you the first video Lesson in the program, it gives you the big picture… Click Play:

WHY Do the Effortless Power Drills?

  • Think of a pitch you totally crushed – but felt like you barely swung. Developing effortless power hitting skills will make those memorable blasts part of your new “normal” hitting;
  • As you progress with this simple hitting system, you’ll still get out sometimes… but you’ll be feared;
  • Your consistency and contact will skyrocket as well as your power…What would it feel like to lead your team in every hitting category? Imagine you’re the one scouts are there to see;
  • You’ll insure yourself against the “Mendoza Line,” “Hat Tricks,” and other humiliating hitting “accomplishments”; You’ll transform your teammates’ image of you from “another guy on the team” to one of the few cool guys who “mash” (they might not actually say anything to you, but you’ll be able to feel their respect, and see it in their eyes as they stop to watch you take BP);
  • You’ll no longer have to worry about being on the outside of the cliques of good players on your team — it’s tough to not like a teammate who rakes.

Here are Just a Few Secrets You’ll Discover

  • Why you must develop effortless power to reach your potential in baseball;
  • A simple formula and a model that explains how effortless power happens and what you must do to tap into it;
  • How the “hidden” decision you make each time you step to the plate shapes your destiny as a hitter – and what baseball’s all-time best players told me they decided on the way to the plate;
  • The one idea you MUST get if you want any chance at CONSISTENTLY hitting with effortless power;
  • A revolutionary approach to coaching — one that actually focuses on the hitter LEARNING the skill instead of on the coach TEACHING the skills
  • Simple drills that:
      • Train you to hit tension-free
      • Suck the slowness out of your hands
      • Turn your barrel into a ball-seeking missile
      • Lock your focus on the ball
      • Train you to recognize the spin of the ball
      • Make hitting fun again!
  • How to clear anger, frustration and fear in minutes so you can step to the plate loose and free to hit;
  • How to quickly and easily “let go” of a bad AB (in Lesson X you’ll watch me do this with a player);
  • The do-it-yourself process that transforms your self-defeating thoughts about yourself into unstoppable confidence;
  • 3 “ninja” stress-beating techniques that were used in the 2012 World Series to help players play their best under pressure;
  • How to put all the ideas into your daily training routine.


Makes Hitting Coaching Easy

If you’re a coach looking for a simple system, a simple but radically different approach to better hitting with step-by-step drills you can implement at practice today, this program is for you.

“Dr. Tom: We spent parts of 3 pre-tournament practices
running only 2 drills – the XXX Drill and the XXXX Drill.
The team raised its season batting average by over
100 points during the 4 tourney games. Outstanding!!

John Baird, Indy Wildfire

You’re 3 Quick Steps Away from Effortless Power

Once your order is complete you’ll be asked to create your own password. Then just hit enter and you’ll be an “insider,” you’ll be inside the program and the videos will be lined up on your left. Then,…

Step 1: Watch my 2 minute orientation video that will remind you how to navigate through the videos.

Step 2: Print out your EPH Study Guide. This gives you an instant “cheat sheet” to take notes on and follow along. Your study guide also includes your Effortless Power Scoreboard where you (and your team) can record the results of the drills I’ll teach you. It’s also a clipboard-ready one-pager that coaches can just print

Step 3: Start watching the videos!


You Get Over 20 Videos and a Study Guide You'll Bring to the Field -- an Instant Practice Plan.

“What’s My Investment to Get This Training?”

When I total up what it has cost ME to gain this knowledge, well, I told you my story:

  • Thousands of hours in the cage, in class, in workshops, reading, writing, etc.
  • Thousands of dollars in tuition, travel, and coaching.

But of course I’m not going to charge you thousands, or even hundreds of dollars for it. If the program only helps you raise your average 30 points and feel confident at the plate, would it be worth $200?

I would have paid that to save my college hitting career.

A good hitting instructor, teaching hitting an old-school, traditional way, will cost you $100 for an hour. But then that hour is over, gone.

Claim your access to EPH now and you have lifetime access to my 20 Effortless Power Lessons. This year the golden key to your success might be the first two drills, next year it might be one or two others.

Since my Effortless Power Hitting is available to you immediately on line, I can offer it to you now for Only $67!


Act Now and Get 3 Cool Bonuses

1. Lifetime upgrades to the Effortless Power Program — My hitting journey isn’t over — I’ll keep add new content worthy of the program as I go and you’ll get it all free for life;

2. Two “Failure-Erasing Technology” Programs — I’ll give you pre- and post-game routines to do that clear the clutter and tension from your mind and body and inject you with confidence BEFORE you step on the field, and after each game. It’s like having “slump insurance.”

3. 3 Secrets of a World Champion. I give you a 30-minute guided tour inside the mind of a World Champion. This guy was the first foreigner to win a World Championship in Kung Fu in China.

They laughed at him when he said he was going to beat the Chinese at their own game, in their home arena… but they bowed with respect when his hand was raised after the final.

Please don’t say “but kung fu isn’t baseball” … His son just hit 6 home runs in one travel ball weekend using these performance secrets.


It’s Time to Choose Your Future

It’s time to choose your future: Do you want to claim instant access to 27 years of battle-tested research and development Hall-of-Fame-worthy hitting technology?

Or do you, like me in college, want to just take your chances that you’ll stumble upon the key to unlock your effortless power? Hey, that approach might work out for you.

In my experience, and that of many others already,

  • You can hit in games with the freedom and confidence you do in your best moments of BP;
  • You can step up to the plate energized but totally relaxed, certain something good is about to happen — even if you struck out your last time up;
  • You can let go of the frustration, anger, fear and doubt that come with the un-avoidable failure in hitting.
  • And yes, you can relax and have fun in pressure game situations and when scouts are watching — instead of choking away your baseball dream and all your hours of training.

You simply have to train for effortless power SPECIFICALLY.

I’ve invested nearly three decades of time and money searching for exactly how to teach effortless power so you can have it (or put it into your players’) swings almost instantly.

This is your chance to save time and money. I haven’t met many players or coaches who can afford to waste either right now.

Click the “Add to Cart” button below to get started and in three simple steps you’ll be transported to a new level of hitting.

Play Big!,






Dr. Tom Hanson

P.S. Remember, you or your team are struggling and suffering at the plate much more than you need to because your training approach is flawed.

If you want to hit with effortless power you must TRAIN specifically to hit with effortless power.

You’re likely now training to hit with force instead of power, which sets you up to a career of frustration, fear, doubt, tension, and, if you’re like I was, ultimate failure.

P.P.S. I’m offering you the chance to leverage a proven hitting success formula 27 years in the making, a learning journey that’s included stops at Cooperstown, Yankee Stadium, elite science labs and ratty batting cages.

It’s a battle-tested technology that gets most players and coaches instant results.

P.P.P.S. You get 20 video lessons INSTANTLY (you create your own password in just a moment) that will take you by the hand and lead you step-by-step through simple ideas and drills that bring you, probably over night, to new levels of enjoyment and excellence in hitting. If not, write me and I’ll refund your investment.

In fact, if after 5 minutes of watching one video you have second thoughts about the program write me at DrTomHelp@gmail.com and I’ll have the money back in your account as fast as a big league fastball.

Click the “add to cart” button below to begin your journey!

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